Historic Wikman Buildin Open house

Historic Wikman Buildin Open house


Request for Proposals Forum

Wednesday February 19, 2014

10:00 am-11:45 AM

On February 19, 2014, Multnomah County will be hosting an Industry Forum to solicit input in the development of a Final Request for Proposals for the Disposition of the Historic Wikman Building/Arleta Library, at 4420 SE 64th Avenue, Portland, Oregon. The 5,200-square-foot building served most recently as a service center for county juvenile justice programs. It is 96 years old and was designed by noted Portland architect Folger Johnson.

The Purpose of the RFP Forum is to provide an opportunity for members of the real estate, property development, community development, and related communities to join other interested parties to tour the property, to review the Draft RFP and to seek valuable input for development of the Final RFP. A Draft Copy of the RFP is attached. Updates and the Resource Library are available at:


Interested industry members are encouraged to attend to better inform the public process. Attendance at the Forum is optional and is not a prerequisite to submitting a proposal to this RFP solicitation.

Courtesy RSVP: wikman-arleta@multco.us

Multnomah Coun ty NEW RFP for hearing on Januaryn 9th




((Revised: 09/23/13)

BBoard Clerk Use Only

Meeting Date: 1/9/14 Agenda Item #: R.5 Est. Start Time: 10:05 am Date Submitted: 12/26/13

Agenda Title:

RESOLUTION Approving Issuance of a Request for Proposals for the Disposition of the Wikman Building-Arleta Library

Note: Title should not be more than 2 lines but sufficient to describe the action requested. Title on APR must match title on Ordinance, Resolution, Order or Proclamation.

Requested Meeting Date: January 9, 2014 Time Needed: 15 minutes




Facilities & Property County Assets Division: Management

Michael Bowers, FPM, X86294; Mike Sublett, FPM, X84149 503.988.4149 Ext. X84149 I/O Address:

Presenter Name(s) & Title(s): Michael Bowers, Director, FPM; Mike Sublett, Strategic Projects Lead, FPM

General Information

1. What action are you requesting from the Board?

Approve issuance of a Request for Proposals for the disposition of the Wikman Building-Arleta Library, 4420 SE 64th Avenue, Portland, Oregon


Please provide sufficient background information for the Board and the public to understand this issue. Please note which Program Offer this action affects and how it impacts the results.

By Resolution 2011-106, dated September 8, 2011, the Wikman Building-Arleta Library (“Property”), was declared “Surplus” by the Board, commencing the Surplus Property Process. The County’s Facilities and Property Management Division (“FPM”), in conjunction with the Communications Office, was directed to prepare a report to the Board no later than 45 days from the public input deadline of November 7, 2011.

By Resolution 2011-145, dated December 22, 2011, the Board accepted the Surplus Property Report for the Property and directed the County to enter into exclusive negotiations with ROSE Community Development, Southeast Uplift, Foster Area Business Association, and Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association (“Coalition”) on an acquisition and re-development proposal for the Property.

FPM led the County effort to provide broad support and property access during the negotiations with the Coalition to develop a business plan and pro forma for the

redevelopment of the Property. While the Coalition’s good faith efforts provided significant achievements in understanding the Property’s physical structure, it was determined by FPM that plans for sustained operations of the Property remained a fundamental challenge, while simultaneously creating sufficient resources to preserve and maintain the historic structure.

It is in the County’s interest to conclude the exclusive relationship with the Coalition and open up the process for additional proposals through a broadly distributed, fully accessible Request for Proposals (“RFP”) process to be administered by FPM.

3. Explain the fiscal impact (current year and ongoing).

In 2013, an independent appraisal valued the Property at $260,000. Ongoing maintenance

of the vacant Property is approximately $30,000 per annum.

4. Explain any legal and/or policy issues involved.


5. Explain any citizen and/or other government participation that has or will take place.

FPM will convene an Industry Forum, an approach used for the Downtown Courthouse, for broad input from the community to inform a RFP. The RFP will be broadly distributed to stakeholders, including Coalition members, the brokerage community, and media.

Required Signature

Elected Official or Department Director: Sherry Swackhamer /s/ Date: December 26, 2013

Note: Please submit electronically. Insert names of your approvers followed by /s/ – we no longer use actual signatures. Please insert date approved.


Minutes of December 18 Meeting With Comm Shiprack

Wikman Building Meeting

December 18, 2013



 MultCo. Dist 4 Comm Shiprack, from her staff Matthew, Adam and Michelle;

MultCo Property Mike S and Peggy

Community members Anne D. SE UPLIFT,  Beth C RCDC, Nick S ROSE CDC, Meg Mc  FOPO and Carl W steering committee.


Comm Shiprack started the discussion. After almost three years of effort with no results the county feels that they “must light a fire under the buildings future”.  She listed the county’s  three goals for the new RFP;

1)    Get top dollar value for the Wikman ( and to stop the $2500 monthly upkeep costs);

2)     Retain the buildings historic exterior character (“It’s a treasure of a building”);

3)    Keep the building open for public use/access.

She knows that it will be difficult to reach all three goals. She painted a picture of the building being used as a medical marijuana dispensary and another picture of the building being tore down (“scrapped” and a new use for the property.

In addition to the coalition’s efforts, the county has independently pursued the following 5 uses for the wikman

1)    Physically moving the WIkman to a new location (to expensive);

2)    Talked with Portland Parks Comm Fritz about a joint use with Laurelwood Park redevelopment ( City has no interest)

3)    Talks with Reed College to locate activities in the area (no interest);

4)    Talks with PSU Graduate School to have a satellite (no interest);

5)    Talks with an architect to design a use for the rear part as a residence and front for public use.



Jan 9, 2014 Comm Shiprack presents a proposal for board consideration for a new RFP process. Staff will present the new concept and then Public input is invited.

IF board approves the following timeline is proposed.

January 10 to Febraury 6th Real estate industry forums coupled with community forums to be held at the Wikman Building. These OPEN HOUSES are to give all a chance to inspect/tour the Wikman;

Febraury 7th to Feb 26th RFP proposal development (based on Forums) community members/organizationas are invited to participant in the crafting of the RFP;

February 27 to April 9th RFP is issued and responses collected;

April 10 to 30th RFP’s evaluated and a selection made, ) community members/organizations are invited to participant in the scoring of the RFP;

Early May  full board consideration of the new RFP outcome.


Prepared by carl Wikman